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I agree. Last FM is fantastic.

Mark McGuinness

Thanks, it does indeed look great. I just discovered http://www.librarything.com/ which seems to do a similar thing for your book collection - they describe it as Amazon recommendations on steroids.


It's pretty big is last.fm
The issue for them is mainly that is costs $$ to stream music and the revenue model is mainly dependent on ads [and once you'vegot the music playing how often do you look at *visual* ads on their site [they must be looking to do audio ads soon!]? Like a lot of interweb fancy stuff it's cool but the business model is still a bit flakey. I'm surprised that Apple haven't pushed harder to make ther network capability of itunes do what last.fm does. there's no reason why they couldn't.
And of course the data is key. Music online has signifiers to identify what you're playing [and there's a really interesting history and politics to this btw]. but there's nothing like that in your osophegus so wine would have to be inputted manually on a keyboard and that's wrong.


Um. I think it's cos there's other quirky little gems like this. www.hypem.com. The Hype Machine rocks

Parick Syms

It's one of those ones that could go either way, isn't it? I think Last FM is great but despite using it for quite a few months I've yet to develop a proper habit.

And re Apple: I notice the latest version of iTunes has something called MiniStore which - guess what? - suggests more music based on your current tastes. It was only a matter of time...


Marketing is the most clear solution for this matter.

Hendersonville TN homes

Why? I don't think we'll ever know. But I think it is safe to say that it is only about right that they are where they are at the moment. They are just starting out, and being really successful at that. I guess that they are still trying to figure things out and iron some creases to make way for the bigger last.fm.

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