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Jason Lonsdale

I'd like to see someone bust a Matalan poster by changing the logo to M&S...


Agreed. Have you also noticed how similar the new Bond poster looks to an M&S/Matalan ad, just with a gun?


(There is a better version of this, with 4 Bonds, but couldn't find it anywhere)

Have also just been reliably informed that the font is in fact Helvetica Extended. It's causing a bit of a ruckus here amounst the designers. I wish I'd never brought it up...


So what are you a copywriter or something? You missed a 'G' out of amongst. You also added a 'U' for some reason. Are you making the world less ordinary by inventing an entirely new language simon?


Apologies Trevor. I've a bit of a history for typos. Some real clangers too... 'Puerile' spelt 'purile' was kindly pointed out by Margery Ferguson (from the Latin 'Puer'), but my favourite? has to be a speculative campaign I did for a marketing website. The idea involved a "Kick Fascism out of Football" poster, which I unfortunately mispelt as "Kick Facism out of Football". Think my Dad was the first to point that one out to me. (Both were corrected within 12 hours, I must add)
Must start reading that dictionary...


I don't want to start a fight here, but in the "Ferret Breeding" section of your site, (which was very enjoyable, btw) at the start of line four "behaviour" has been spelt "behavouir".
Apologies for being so childish. Like I said, I'm not starting nuffin'...


Point taken. However I'm not a copywriter, merely a ferret racing enthusiast. May I point you in the direction of our 'naughty ferret stories' section of our site. I can't vouch for the spelling or the grammar, but I can guarantee you a very interesting read. Are there any ferret fans at LOVE, and what exactly is your business may I ask?

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Think my Dad was the first to point that one out to me.

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That is just a part of being a teenager sometimes.

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But to blame this on the public is to miss the point.

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That is a total marketing experience!

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