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Rob Mortimer

I hope those charities get some money, because all of the charity driven digital emails I have had are awful boring things that look like they have had no effort at all put into them.

Google sent us an lcd picture frame, which was really nice; though it did highlight just how much money they take from us every year if they can afford to do that...

If I continue to praise yorkshire tea do you think they might send me some? I can be a good test consumer for them, after all im the only person I know who has ever bought those wonderful biscuits. (that everyone else ate)

Jonathan Rigby

it'll definitely work. they sent us a load of mince pies and fat rascals yesterday. if you haven't had a fat rascal you haven't lived, by the way. we'll raid the biscuit barrel for you the next time we're over there.

Rob Mortimer

Sounds good to me.
I (actually) got asked why Tetley wasnt good enough when I bought some Yorkshire Tea yesterday.
I figure I'll wait for them to taste it and theyll understand!

It would be great if some of the Love crew could make the next Nothern Planning Summit (not sure if youve heard about them). They are usually in Sheffield and Leeds but we might be having a Manchester one. More intelligent people WITH Yorkshire cakes and biscuits would add icing to an already nice cake.

Jonathan Rigby

we'd be delighted to come along. tell us when the next one is.

Rob Mortimer

The next one should be (barring cancellations) on Thursday 18th January in Leeds. The exact time and location isnt final yet, but probably 7ish in the city centre.

I will try to arrange the next one for Manchester if no one from Love can make it.


I live over in Leeds anyway Rob, so Love will be represented by at least one. Will get some of the head honchos to write some stuff down for me so I've got something useful to contribute...

Rob Mortimer

Excellent, i'll let you know when we have decided a venue for sure. If you want to email me i'll add you into our email loop!

hawaii helicopters

My heart would melt if i received something like this. Beautifully done.

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