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Rob Mortimer


Yorkshire tea with T biscuits I hope...

Rob Mortimer

I should also add that by the caption Ellesse tracksuit you have a icture of a Kappa tracksuit. Just as bad though...


Thanks for your kind comments Rob, and congratulations on your sharp vision. (It's nice to know there are people out there who read my words) I can assure bloggers that on the actual print the caption has been corrected - the artwork seen is an early version. To my knowledge there is only one typo on the piece - an apostrophe missed out of "Tramp's Underwear" on the reverse. Sincere apologies.

Adrian Lai

I had no idea what a Chav or Scallie was so I looked it up on Wikipedia.
Amazing the depth of the entry.

Good job guys. Now I know what to get mom for Christmas.


Christmas is definitely about Chavs & scallies for me because I leave my central london media and advertising life behind and return home to Stockport.

In fact, forget 'chavs' – they were always called 'scallies' to me. Nice poster by the way.


Having just returned from the North West, may I qualify my statement by saying that I had a lovely couple of weeks and miss Manchester a lot!

Tapas and wine at Dimitri's on Deansgate was possibly the highlight, and the only scally-related incident was when the 192 I was on got bombarded with onions in Levenshulme.

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