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Rob Mortimer

Merry New Happy Birthday!
Gah, so much to celebrate...


Happy hundredth. I've enjoyed them all.

William Deed

Well done love.


Thank you all for your kind words.
I've actually made it a resolution to reply to more comments on our blog (tick) and also to post more on other people's blogs (tbc)
Beeker - whilst grateful for your comment, it made me feel we've celebrated slightly prematurely, and maybe should have waited until our 100 post?

Stan Lee

Shane Warne was too busy swashbuckling his way to a very exciting 71 to send you a text message so he asked me to post on your blog instead. Nice one Love.

Jonathan Rigby

Is there some cricket happening somewhere?

Rob Mortimer

I heard Australia are playing. England were supposed to be but they pulled out at the first minute...

Girdle Girl

Ouch Rob, that was cruel!

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