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Rob Mortimer

60% joy
30% crap
10% random

The ultimate blogula :)


Honesty is the best policy, as my mother always said.

I'll respect corporate blogs a lot more if they tell me what they think.

Oh, and in your case, link to me (thanks again for that). I'd still like to see that agency book you produced.



i recently discovered the LOVE blog...

totally agree on 'honesty' although it is kinda tricky...
i work at an advertising agency and there have recently been big issues on my personal blog. The nearby blogosphere knows me and my blog and so, whenever they don't agree with my honesty... sigh, they tell my boss to tell me to "shut it".

Also, off course, as an honest blogger, i oftenly have to piss off partners and projects we do, which they don't like at all... so Yes, RESPECT to W+D for reporting honesty...!

The name reminds me of the Milky blog, but anyway not relevant to what i want to say.


nice to meet you Grapplica - we'll have a look at your blog and ta for your comments. Maybe we all need a collective blog site that allows us all to mouth off about stuff that's bugging us or pis*ing us off - it'll be separate from our company/corporate/personal blogs and completely confidential. Possible?

Tim Sinclair

Confucius says:
"He with whom neither slander that gradually soaks into the mind, nor statements that startle like a wound in the flesh, are successful may be called intelligent indeed."


Simon says:
"Stand on one leg."


cheers, guys. Just got your 'less ordinary' book. Very nice. And much more plush than ours.

denver luxury short sales

It is a brilliant day in the blogosphere. It always is. :) I've read that book, I must say that it really deserved that award. I might just read it again. :)


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