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Stan Lee

Yet another inspirational idea. Great work Loves.


books are bloody great.
more brands should be creating books like these. rather than the mind-numbing, textbook style, instantly forgettable stuff that lurks in most marketing departments, waiting for that moment to tell you everything about their dusty old values. good stuff.


I came across your blog the other day and really enjoyed flicking through it and like the points you make/ the pieces you choose to comment on.
is there anywhere i can get a copy of this umbro book to have a look at?
Great blogs. cheers


your little books look great, just my cup of tea!

denver relocation experts

What a good message. But I guess the reason why some people or somethings tend to be so complicated is because of their issues. We all have our own and I think we can all agree that it is such a burden to carry. But sometimes we just have to work it all out to make way for good things to happen.

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