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Yes I seem to remember McShane getting more than he bargained for in Sexy Beast as well. Coincidence?
Well, it was Jonathan Glazer's debut film and perhaps he was holding true to the old cliche that advertsing creatives are magpies. Or perhaps it was just a bit of lucky typecasting for old Lovejoy.

Luis Vazquez

Been a while since there've been any posts. You guys are either really busy, or went on a Richard Burton film marathon.


You are correct Luis, we've been bombed out with new business but we will get back to it in the next week or so. We have also been tinkering about with the blog behind the scenes. Since we've been writing it for 6 months now, we got the agency together recently to talk about how we can make it more blogtastic.
Stay tuned. Alistair.

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