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dan at innocent

David at howies loves his tea, and styles himself as Head Of Tea (H.O.T.). If you ever want to exchange tea-making tips with someone, he's a good man to speak to.

Also, just to reiterate our thanks to Yorkshire Tea (see here http://innocentdrinks.typepad.com/innocent_drinks/2007/03/yorkshire_tea.html).

dan at innocent

Whoops. Correct link - http://innocentdrinks.typepad.com/innocent_drinks/2007/03/yorkshire_tea.html


Pantone Reference for Tea:


(by PG not Yorkshire... soz... ;o)

The Best Tea Maker in the World

If Carlsberg were to make tea it would probably be better than Yorkshire Tea!. In fact it would be the best tea in the world


Wow, okay... so, my method of microwaving a paper cup (used coffee cup) of tap water, then dropping the teabag into the warm/nearly hot water, squeezing the teabag with a spoon against the cup to the point of oblivion (being careful not to tear the bag), THEN adding sugar, stirring a few times clockwise, then drinking at 1pm ...is NOT the proper way to make tea?

Well, different people, different methods, I guess. Maybe this is why I've never really 'enjoyed' tea.


Look what you've started. Naturally I can't resist a tea post. While a I agree everyone has there own method, proper tea must be made in a warmed pot, MUST I TELL YOU. Unless you have the science to prove me wrong.
As for personal quirks - milk in the cup first, pour a little bit of brewing tea into the milk- it warms it up, so the overall drink is warmer, and infuses a bit more depth into the overall drink.

Trust me.


Dan - loved the YT story. The kind of thing I wished we'd recommended them to do. Coincidentally, both our company juicer and blender simultaneously packed up yesterday (this is the place where I'm meant to put one of those smiley, winking faces made up of a semi colon and an bracket, but I just can't bring myself to do it)
Garf - see above
Best Tea Maker - the Danes drink tea out of glass mugs with metal handles. I wouldn't trust them.
Mr Vazquez - your story brought a tear to my eye. If you email me your address I'll put at least four bags of Yorkshire Tea Gold in the post. Hopefully it'll make it through customs.
NP - The teapot is a brilliant thing. I read recently that the swiss tried for years to incorporate one into their famous army knives, but sadly failed.

Dylan Trees

The definitive rules from the master:



Thank you tea king. I will print this out and stick it up on our studio wall at work. Too many people make crap cups of tea. I personally think it is an excuse for them to get out of tea making and leave it to us tea artists, although today there are too few of us around. Coffee is for wimps.


It's a shame isn't it? I'm constantly disappointed by colleagues' weak attempts at tea (the worst being when they use the same spoon for stirring coffee for the tea. In fact, that shuld definitely be one of the "Tea Commandments": Thou shalt not use the same spoon for stirring tea and coffee.)

I actually became so disillusioned by their attempts that I drew up an "Individual Contract for the Exchange of Tea" (ICET). Unfortunately no one's signed it yet. I've emailed it to you (Kath), but feel free to adapt it to suit your own purposes.


I now understand your reaction early last week when i offered to make you a cup of tea, and you declined with haste; proclaiming you would make your own, politely may i add. It all makes sense now.

A friend of mine has a routine of seperate spoons for adding sugar into the cup and stirring, as i presume he feels it's dangerous to insert a tea tainted implement into the pure white sweetness of the sugar vessel.

I'm all over that contract ASAP, to recieve a brew from the Tea King would be a treat i'm sure. I only hope you live up to your hype.


Point 9 is the clincher. But I think it's worth noting that the speed and velocity at which you complete each revolution is paramount to finishing the perfect tea.

Unlike a handshake, it is in fact a firm stir that defines a man (or a woman).

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