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Adam Rix

A strange thing happens when Simon gets angry about awards... first of all his head changes in complexion to that of his hands, secondly he takes on the appearance of a character from 'Stuart Little', and thirdly he normally needs to go for a poo, and then he calms down a little. What Si' fails to mention in his description of events, is that by the final award, he still hadn't done a poo, and his rage began to surface. As Dani staggered up to stage under the weight of two... huge... bottles of wine she had drunk previously, Si' decided that he would take an award that evening at any cost, so made for the stage. Having not considered the difference in distance between our table and the stage, and Dani's sponsors table and the stage the following happened:

Dani and Si' leave respective tables at same times.
Dani is up on stage receiving award as Si' get's approximately half way.
As Si' reaches the stage, Dani is stepping off it, clutching a gold.
Si' snatches award, looking a bit angry and returns to table looking as if he has a beetroot for a head.
Si' sits sipping wine for around 43 seconds.
Si' goes for a poo.

PS: Dave is our Creative Director, not a member of Blink 182.

Stan Lee

A mere Bronze for the lovely Less Ordinary book?

As John McEnroe once said, YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!

I demand a recount.

Andy Watson


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