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I saw these, thought they were really interesting. Shame they didn't last long.

I'd say it was 'art' as opposed to an advert.

Rob Mortimer

Is there some Apple sort of statement here after they were accused of poor environmental standards recently?

Andy Watson

It should have been an apple tree or would that have been too ovbvious?... I think it was produced by Jai at UHC Collective.

Adverts do suck, but you don't have to listen to them. We're all going to hell anyway


Thanks for that Andy. I've been trying to find out who did them for ages... am just disappointed i didn't nick one before they got taken down. It seems the general opinion around the office is they are art, so my apolgies to the good people at UHC.

I agree that some adverts suck (although not all). Think i was just lucky that I found an adshel with Apple on it. Wouldn't have been quite so funny if it was for the NSPCC or something...


Thanks for the nice comments. The project came as a result of a one off Shroud UHC Collective did last year. The comedian Mark Thomas saw it and loved the idea. He wanted to cover the city center in them as a springtime present to Manchester and commissioned us to make a hundred of them.

It's a shame they came down so quickly but they seemed to have a good effect while they were up. Who knows perhaps Manchester will follow Sao Paulo's lead and go ad free http://www.flickr.com/photos/tonydemarco

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