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Rob Mortimer

Curse my tight finances.
I shall rummage my wedding funds ;)

Adam Rix

Rummage away Rob... Rummage away...


You should do this as an official-looking sticker...

Rob Mortimer

Id like one that says:

"Loud Tshirt slogans do not make you cool, they make you...oh bugger."


Hi, I love your blog, and I'm a fan of your agency too - I remember coming in to chat when I was looking for work experience in about 2002 when I was a student. Easily the coolest place in Manchester.

I also worked at glue London til very recently, and am a good friend of Charlotte Brown, Frances's sister. But that's not important right now.

Anyway I hate to criticise, but I don't think these t-shirts are very good, apart from being a good rant for Guardian readers. I ride the No 8 bus through Tower Hamlets pretty much everyday, and get a good does of mobile phone grime and r&b.

I doubt the kids would be at all influenced by old boring establishment people (how they kids perceive us) wearing t-shirts telling them they're not cool?

here are some alternative rubbish ideas

1. Heart of Magic FM to sponsor sound angels - like Guardian Angels but with big ghettoblasters playing songs like John Waite - Missing you, or those awful ocean waves soundtrack sounds.

2. get Wiley or Lethal Bizzle or some other grime star to start talking about how playing tunes through a phone sounds weak.

perhaps you could invent an un-cool sub-class of people - who can't afford, or are too young to have cars, can't afford an ipod, so have to ride around on buses playing mobile phone music. Have someone like Sway create a tune about it, de-glamourising them so they won't associate with any behaviour mentioned in the tune. Like TLC's Scrubs, but for kids in London.

3. seed some appallingly uncool dorks (e.g. Like the "I'm a PC" guy), around key bus routes, appearing to be very interested in the kids music or even playing their own music through their mobile phone.

I totally get the sentiment, I just think it needs a bit of planning on it!

Adam Rix

Hi Ant, if you just let me know which size it is you're after - and send me your credit card details I'll send one out to you. If you're not 100% happy you can always return it for a full refund. Thanks.


i thought the kids would sigh and exclaim

"by the hooves of beelzebub! i'm annoying people?! well i never, gaz, did you know that? we should really get some headphones instead of crack..."

"good grief, your right... how rare!"

Rob Mortimer

Lethal Bizzle says "Turn that shit off"

Id buy that for a dollar.

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