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chris ashworth

I got really frustrated with virals a bit ago. It got to the stage where loads of them felt try hard - "we're a mad brand we are."

Both the Rolling Rock and Got Milk campaigns seem to have integrity, and deliver integration of an idea across different media formats

Actually prefer the online for Got Milk. Whilst number of impacts is an issue, it would have made a great treasure hunt round different sites/blogs.


Hi Chris. I agree. It's really difficult to come up with a great viral that doesn't seem too forced. I'm just not sure that they're a good way to sell products because as soon as they seem too brand message heavy they wont be 'viralled'.in 'part 5' i've quoted some stats about how rarely virals succeed.

chris ashworth

Remember a similar conversation with Anson in a former life.

There's another thing though - I wonder if the growth of YouTube as a default consumption mechanism changes viral. i.e passing on becomes unimportant. As more people go there for entertainment, stuff gets caught "because I'm there". If you like the, the "how arsed can you be" levels are lower to look up clips you've heard about when you're already in the mood to consume, than sending on when somethings dropped into your inbox on a bad Wednesday at work.

I guess what I'm saying is that in YouTube viral we need to build a store of vague "must see that" memories. As opposed to "that's amazing I'll send it on". You'd never send on the Rolling Rock ape, but the journey means that your likely to look it up if your on YouTube.

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Cool series of videos. Thank you for uploading it on here. It's really great, what you guys are trying to share here.

More power to you guys!

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