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Been meaning to blog about this one. It's one of those 'here's a rubbish strategy' to explain to your mum what you do as a planner for a living. Although the ad's not THAT offensive, the strategy - specs make you a four eyed saddo - is deeply so. Outdated, obtuse. Rubbish.


I found it so rubbish that the first time I read it I thought it was actually promoting specs (They were so good she couldn't take them off me). Now, those who know me best might argue this is just me being a bit of a literary numpty, but how many people (that aren't in adland) would bother to stop and check that the message they've just received is the correct one?


I saw these ads at the weekend. As a spec wearer my instant reaction was that they could f off.


I'm not sure why we chose this ad to pick on (probably the first one we looked at when we were sitting at Earls Court waiting for the bloody train to move), but there's something about it. Anyone know the agency? I remember seeing a completely different TV commercial with a woman rock-climbing. William - shall we launch a campaign against it?


Yes, I think it should be called "I heart specs, you bastards".

And the first advert should have the catchy headline "I knew it was love, she couldn't take her bloodshot eyes off me after wearing her contacts all bleedin day in front of that computer screen. They looked quite dry too but she lacked the spirit to go to the bathroom and take them out."

I'm amazed that an advert like this could come from an industry where a quick flick through Campaign reveals that you're nothing without a pair of heavy rimmed designer glasses.


I bet they made the ad themselves. If they paid someone for that they are fools of the highest order.

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