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Mark McGuinness

How about the Extreme Ironing Bureau? "The latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt". http://www.extremeironing.com/

Discovered via Creative Generalist http://www.creativegeneralist.com/

Picklin paul

Apparently Japanese tourists are so traumatised by the reality of Paris that they need treatment for depresssion. http://www.guardian.co.uk/france/story/0,,1930600,00.html

River surfing - I saw these guys surfing on the river in Munich but apparently they surf in Montreal as well... http://www.flickr.com/photos/picklinpaul/214286812/


Guerilla gardening: the act of random beutification of public sites

John Grant

There was a famous Christmas display in a Tokyo department store which had as its centrepiece a crucified santa claus. I think baudrillaird or someone similar wrote about this; it's a brilliant illustration of what postmodernism is; disembedded cultures remixing themselves etc. It's also very funny. Sadly this was a long time ago so I dont think you will be able to capture it, unless you can be bothered to recreate it!

Other examples. Gospel Aerobics in SFO, and also a laundromat/bar called Suds & Duds.


read about this project on the rusell davis site and I have the QUINTESSENTIAL item: German Indians.



I saw this exhibit a few years ago at the yerba buena center in san francisco and could not believe this subculture existed. truly strange.


Good idea for a book. Supermarket dating might be of interest to you, although it could be hard to show the more subtle aspects of it in a coffee table book: http://www.pinkfridge.com/lal_dating/supermarket.htm


Me again. You mustn't forget dikes on bikes - no problem to get some colorful photos there: http://www.flickr.com/photos/johnnyjaywalker/21733629/in/photostream/


Boston's Marathon Monday, Barcade, Love graffiti, Afro-punk, and Ice-T, famous for "Cop-killer" and playing a cop on Law and Order.

I posted a write-up here:

Charles Frith

I was passing through this luxury hotel in Hua Hin Thailand and they had this artificial beach on the grounds adjacent to the swimming pool, and backing up onto the real beach only a few yards away in the background, so I took a shot. I wanted to share it with you when I read the request, but I lost the file, and I just came across the pic which I uploaded onto my Microsoft spaces. It might be what you're looking for and is a great excuse to nip over to the tropics.

It's the 61st picture on 'smorgasboard', title 'artificial backs up onto natural'. The beach beds are on the hotel grounds with the real shoreline in the background.



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On your issue of learning to communicate with a phone, we've been working on that as well. My son won't really talk on the phone, but he is intrigued with how his voice sounds, so he will play on it. The biggest increase I've seen in using a device was when we installed an intercom between the 1st floor and the 3rd. His dinner job is to call his sisters down for dinner. Now he loves using the intercom and even plays some phrase response ritual games with them - the same thing he does face to face.


Christians going on holiday to Religious Theme Parks (yes, Mickey Mouse and co are replaced by religious re-enactments).

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I like ANMJ on FB & just subscribed to the email feed! :)

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Their culture is so deep. Coming from their forefathers.

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Hope all is goin' wonderfully well your way, Jayne! (I kinda lost teh link to your other site

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I think that's one of the best parts of traveling. Having to experience the different cultures of different places, you get to have a taste of how their lives are. Makes you appreciate everything even more.

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