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Rob Mortimer

Id love to actually know whether these spam email share tips have worked.

Surely if there are 10 people stupid enough to do it, then the prices will actually rise.


I had a look. Allegedly, they've knowingly or unknowlingly 'spammed' thousands of people over the last few days and their share price has gone from $2.00 to.....$1.51. Well that's worked out well for them.

Rob Mortimer

Probably bumped up when they bought a boat load of them, they send the email, they wait for stupid people, then sell sell sell!

denver short sales

The thing is, they don't understand the meaning of timing. You can send a message repeatedly but put an interval in between at least. A constant barrage of marketing emails can really turn a potential customer away and forever tarnishing our reputation.

We have to choose when to make our move.

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