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Ken Wide

How about distributing books of matches that contain the words "Please F*ck Off Outside"? Or maybe a heritage style blue plaque that says "Year X-2007: Where smokers once gathered..." Or how about a repro of Magritte's "Treachery of Images" with the replacement text "Ce n'est pas une zone fumeur" or something... :-)

Adam Rix

If you're interested in this... you might like this... http://www.danieleatock.com/project/no-smoking-sign-request/

Tyler Lang

Great selection of NO SMOKING redesigns.

Courtesy of Serifpublishing.com/redesigner.html

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I think no matter what advertising is seen as the important thing is pruducir consciousness. If you want to leave the snuff, you should be aware of the dangers of smoking.

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Nature is fair, but society is not.

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Interesting, it's a good symbol and everyone knows the meaning. In product documentation, this may be accompanied by drawings of the product being threatened by the prohibited items: for instance, a cartoon of a floppy disk being menaced by horseshoe magnets. 23jj

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Must be place on public places. Just to remind people of their health.

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I can see almost everywhere. I agree on the implementation of the new rule.

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