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Rob Mortimer

Campaign gets to Manchester? I've never found it while im there.

Mind you, its impossible to find in Sheffield; and very difficult in Leeds I hear.


Being the last to know, did you see MOTD 2 on sunday, it featured man city and the ol' blue eyes is back poster you created, and they even played frank in the background.


well done love boys and girls!

Jonathan Rigby

hi Nick. we didn't see it but we heard about it. the client managed to bag a cracking 96 sheet at Piccadiily which looked superb in the flesh, so we hope it looked just as good on the telly.

Jonathan Rigby

thanks lauren. red thread looked good.


cheers jonathan. those tin cans look like they'd almost belong there...


Well played.

What's Campaign?

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I've heard so many great things about Manchester. They say that it's a nice place to visit, plus it does help that they have a good football club over there. :)

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Hope all is goin' wonderfully well your way, Jayne! (I kinda lost teh link to your other site

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